VPN Secure Router

In this project, I am using a Raspberry Pi as a secure network router for my small business network. Not only does this provide a secure VPN connection for all connected devices, but it also provides an isolated business network from my home network, as well as a guest network for all connected IoT devices.

Fig. A Network Diagram

As shown in figure A, the internet connect first passes through the home modem, which also acts as an access point for all home Wi-Fi devices. The Raspberry Pi Router is a client to the home network, but also acts as its own network, providing unique IP addresses to the business devices. Connected to the Raspberry Pi is a network switch in order to split the ethernet signal into more connections than one. The studio computer is connected to the switch via ethernet, as well as an additional router that provides an access point for the guest network. Below is a photo of the Raspberry Pi router, network switch, and guest router/access point.

Raspberry Pi, Network Switch, Guest Network (eero).
The router uses OpenWRT as an operating system.
LAN, VPN, and WLAN settings.