My name is Aaron O’Toole. I began taking drum lessons at the age of 8. After graduating high school, I enrolled in the Seattle Drum School’s ‘One Year Certificate Program’ and joined the SDS Scottish Drum Corps. I then decided to take my education further and studied at the Los Angeles College of Music led by Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro. After graduating from LACM, I started a drum lessons business and named it Toole Shed Drums.

As a performer, I traveled the world as a touring drummer for several years. However, I’ve spent most of my career educating. What started as volunteer work at my high school to help younger students, has grown to a deep passion for teaching drum lessons over the past 10 years. In this time I’ve discovered many things about drumming’s interaction between the mind/body and how it can be used to benefit students of all ages and skill levels. The binary nature and simplicity to drumming give this instrument the potential to be inviting and exciting to anyone.

Everyone has rhythm! Everyone can play!