Work Experience

•7+ years A/V and desktop support experience.
•8+ years experience owning a small business as a sole proprietor.

Audio-Visual and Desktop Support (DA Sound)
•Solely provides A/V support and installation needs for office clients.
•Monitor conference room meetings, board room meetings, calls involving the executive group, and meetings with board of trustees.
•Provide routine maintenance and on-call support for all conference room laptops, projectors, VoIP Polycom phones, and audio equipment.

IT Accomplishments for Small Business (Toole Shed Drums)
•Self-hosted website using cloud server, runs WordPress with LAMP stack.
•Runs studio computer on VPN secure router and VLAN network.
•Routinely maintains Linux-based systems and servers via console.
•DNS, SSL, DHCP, automation, and mail server management.

Technical Skills
•Command Line Interface: CMD Prompt, PowerShell, Linux Console.
•Database Technologies: SQL (MySQL, Maria DB), NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB).
•DBMS: Microsoft Access, MySQL Workbench, phpMyAdmin.
•Cloud Services: Oracle, AWS, Digital Ocean.
•Virtualization: VMware, VMware ESXI, Proxmox.
•Networking: IPv4 configuration, VLAN, subnetting, DNS management, Access Point configuration and management, firewall management.
•Working knowledge of Python scripting and Jupyter Notebook.

Office Skills
• Extensive knowledge in both Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
• Excel: Formulas, visuals, tables.
• Power BI, Tableau: Interactive reports, visuals, search boxes.